Prague Pride festival strategy

Festival mission and vision:

Prague Pride festival aims to support LGBT+ people, to mediate their voice in society, to commemorate the history and culture of the movement for their equality and enlightenment, and education against homophobia and transphobia in the Czech Republic.
Prague Pride festival is based on the basic principles of human rights, respect for diversity and a community approach, as well as the integrity, truthfulness and responsibility of LGBT+ people and the world around us.  
The festival gives people the opportunity to be themselves - regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity - and provides them a safe space to do so. The festival also actively creates space for wider society to get to know LGBT+ people, and to accept and respect their diversity.

How we achieve this:

  1. We support LGBT+ people:
    1. We promote self-acceptance and a sense of pride and belonging in LGBT+ people - whether they feel part of the "community" or not.
    2. We create a safe space in which LGBT+ people can be themselves,
      together, and with mutual respect.  
    3. We actively support inclusion and acceptance across the LGBT+ minority, and give its subgroups the opportunity to meet and understand each other. We actively oppose stereotyping and discrimination, we give a voice to minorities within the minority.  
  2. We contribute to system changes:
    1. We contribute to improving the life quality of LGBT+ people at the local, national, and international levels through educational and advocacy activities.
    2. We actively oppose all acts of homophobia and transphobia.
  3. We bring many companies closer to LGBT+ people:
    1. We create opportunities for wider society’s involvement in our activities.
    2. We educate wider society about LGBT+ issues.
    3. We’re increasing our number of "allies" - we’re open to them and actively work with them

Festival’s general goals:
  1. The festival contributes to the self-acceptance and pride of LGBT+ people and promotes their belonging with the community, culture, and history.
  2. The festival gives LGBT+ people shared space for their self-expression under safe conditions.
  3. The festival helps to change wider society’s attitude towards respect, full acceptance, and inclusion of LGBT+ people in society.
Strategic priorities for 2021:
  1. Mental health of LGBT+ people
    • The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the need to talk about the mental health of LGBT+ people, raise awareness of domestic violence, and create a supportive environment for a return to normal life.
  2. Dignified aging of LGBT+ people
    • Developing the issue of the dignified aging of LGBT+ people in the Czech Republic, and making a long-term contribution to the well-being of LGBT+ seniors.
  3. Synergies with other Prague Pride programmes
    • Seeking and creating opportunities for cooperation with other programmes during the festival - community centre, education,, Jsme fér (We are fair), Filip20, Fun&Run, Pride Business Forum.
  4. Festival’s eco-sustainability
    • We have a long-term strategy for ecological sustainability -especially at the system level. Visitors can also make their own informed decisions (we are not dogmatic).
  5. Festival accessibility
    • Our long-term aim has been to maximise festival accessibility, for example for those with various disabilities, non-Czech speakers, etc.

The strategy was adopted in March 2021 and will be regularly reviewed.